JT Rams - Roofing Asset Management Systems

Extending roof performance through technology & training

 JT Rams says it all - we treat your roof as an asset to be maintained and manage with preventative maintenance and positive solutions which ultimately will allow your roof to last as long as possible.  JRT Top Notch Roofs sister company, JT Rams, utilizes the latest training and technology to extend the life performance of your roof.  Through professional and practical use of EMS*, we can make an objective analysis of your roof. 

JT Rams is your best solution for getting the maximum value and performance out of your existing roof.

EMS* = Engineered Management System, designed by the Army Corps of Engineers to rate every roof with exact consistency.

Permanently Fix or Maintain, our #1 goal is keeping your roofs peak performance steady and consistent



You have 24-hour access to JRT's excellence - call anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend, even holiday's.  We will commute to anywhere in the USA!!!  You will have a repair team knocking on your door within 24 hours from when you first called.  They will be there to solve your headache roof issue.

Once on site, we utilize high tech tools like our nuclear moisture detection scanner and infrared thermo graphing.  The nuclear moisture scan uses nuclear back-scatter technology to "see" hidden moisture within the roofs system.  Not only will it let you know where it's wet inside but also it will pinpoint the source of leak for an accurate repair with minimal intrusion.  The infrared camera senses thermo anomalies by detecting the moisture patterns within your roof system.

Just call 800-876-6340 for Emergency Service.  You may also call the following that will take care of you and your situation:    

          Jonas = 262-442-8174                        
          Lance = 262-442-8179                         
          Carl    = 262-442-8162                       
          Tom   = 262-442-8148
          Calvin = 262-442-8169
          Josh    = 262-442-8136

Your Preventative Maintenance Partner

To obsolete roof problems before they occur we encourage you (our customer) to take advantage of our Preventative Maintenance Program!!!!!!!!!!