My father, Jerry Thull, established his roofing company in 1982 with one truck, one employee, and one philosophy: "put our clients above everyone and quality above all!" This belief in total dedication with customer satisfaction led Jerry Thull to become one of the largest roofing contractors in the United States.

Now that I, Josh Thull (JRT), took over as 2nd generation in the family business of roofing, my eyes are set on exactly this same achievement and more! The Economy has it's ways where you constantly must adapt accordingly and fast. But by sticking to what I know best and putting my clients above everyone with quality above all, I will achieve my goals here at JRT Top Notch Roofs, to which, I have set fourth in my life.

We Excel in 4 (four) Customer-Critical Areas:


Liability is one of the most critical issues concerning any worksite, whether it's commercial or residential. Roofing is a very dangerous job with little to no margin for error. Safety is the single most important factor in a successful roofing job, and at JRT Top Notch Roofs, we treat it that way.

We have so much care about job safety that we have a "zero tolerance" safety policy. Our on going education includes daily safety tool-box talks with our working crews, and monthly safety training certifications/reviews. We utilize our experience, training, and knowledge to keep every job safe.

All roofing companies are rated independently by the insurance industry and their respective state governments. JRT Top Notch Roofs has a modification rate below the national average modification rate. This rate is a calculated number given to you, which shows as a grade to your company in overall safety. The lower the number the safer you are. JRT Top Notch Roofs is one of the very few with the lowest modification rates in the United States!


Clear communication with you, our client, is essential. It begins with discussing over your objective, specifications, budget, and schedule for your roof project. To accomplish the very best results, communication plays a key role every step of the way.

Our project managers are in charge of each job from estimating a total price to coordinating our experienced professional working crews all the way to completion and satisfaction from you, the customer. They will meet with you on a regular basis, before and during the job, so that any concerns you may have are addressed immediately.

An in-house pre-construction meeting back at JRT Top Notch Roofs facility is done to coordinate and fully understand everything and everyone dealing with your roof job. Members that are involved in the in-house pre-construction meeting are as follows:

1) Safety Director & JRT
2) Project Manager
3) Crew Management Leader
4) Engineer
5) Scheduler
6) Purchaser

Well-defined goals and roles are keys to success. Our entire office staff is committed to supporting the working crew(s) assigned to your project for a successful completion.

By setting our standards for safety and communication so high, we have been able to serve some of the largest retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and government institutions across America. We've done this by maintaining our reputation for "Quality Above All".