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We Do It All !!!

Since 1982, from East coast to West coast, we have been replacing roofs, removing & replacing existing roofs, installing new construction roofs, and instilling trust with each and every customer.

As times change, we change!! For example, live roofs, green roofs, and vegatative roofs are a new thing all in helping out mother nature, the environment, and peoples' morals. We now also helping you save on energy by installing skylights, light tubes, and solar panels. This is proven on saving you big $$$ on your R.O.I., if your the interested type in saving $ and helping the environment. Whatever the case may be, we will be your solution maker!!

When was the last time you took a good, long look at your roof? The only way to get a proper look is by physically getting up on your roof to conduct a thorough inspection, but climbing up to get on your roof is a task most prefer not to do.

It's human nature to take your roof for granted. Which is true, because if it's not leaking, we ignore it. When a leak starts, you can't ignore it. That is when you realize just how important your roof is to the safety and well-being of your home, business, and possessions. Rain or shine, your roof is your layer of security and protection.
Who can you trust?

The best solution for ANY roof problem is JRT Top Notch Roofs!

JRT Top Notch Roofs also offers roof maintenance services through their sister company JT Rams, and full buiding envelope "b-econtrols"






JT Rams - Pumping more life into your roof you thought needed to be replaced!
We treat your roof as an asset in being maintained and managed with preventative maintenance and positive solutions, which will allow your roof to last as long as possible.

JT Rams utilizes the latest training and technology to extend the performance of your roof. Through professional and practical use of ROOFER EMS we can make an objective analysis of your roof.

*EMS = Engineered Management System, designed by the Army Corps of Engineers to rate every roof with exact consistency.